HSR Condition18

  1. Toyota Motor Corporation (“TMC”) is looking for Joint Researchers for the HSR study. They may need to pay an additional expense of approximately 1.2 million Japanese Yen per year for fairness of expense borne. There is an option for Joint Research contract with free of charge even when the HSR is leased: however, shipping cost shall be borne by the Joint Researcher (The “Joint Researchers”: the people to whom TMC leases the HSR).

    1. If the Joint Researcher choses an option agreeing with certain conditions, an additional expense will not be charged. However, if the Joint Researcher determines not to participate in the RoboCup@Home Domestic Standard Platform League (“DSPL”) of the RoboCup Montreal, TMC may charge the Joint Researchers for additional expenses to cover research cost.

    2. Among the Joint Researchers who are entitled to lease the HSR without paying any additional expenses of Joint Research pursuant to (1), if any of such Joint Researcher win(s) any of the top three prizes of DSPL in the RoboCup Montreal, TMC may agree to continue the Research without an additional expense another one year.

  2. The maximum period that TMC agrees on the Joint Research contract is for three years, provided, however, that TMC and Joint Researchers agree to discuss the one year basis continuation.