2020 Qualification Announcement

Austin Villa@Home CATIE KameRider SSPL
b-it-bots Gentlebots LiU@HomeWreckers
BREW Golem LyonTech SSPL
Hibikino-Musashi@Home homer@UniKoblenz SinfonIA Pepper Team
ORIon Homeskies UChile Peppers
RoboCanes-VISAGE LASR TJArk@Home
Tama-Goya LyonTech OPL  
Team Northeastern Markovito  
Tech United Eindhoven MRL@Home  
Tidyboy PUMAS  
UNSW@Home RoboFEI@Home  
  Serious Cybernetics Corporation  
  Walking Machine  
  ToBI (Team of Bielefeld)  


1. The list of Qualified Teams for participating in the 2020 RoboCup@Home are displayed in alphabetic order.

2. The presented list is non-binding and the Executive and Organizing Committees reserve the right of voiding the Qualified status of any non-confirmed, non-registered team in favor of any other team they deem appropriate.

3. All qualified teams must confirm attendance before Jan 19, 2020. Teams failing to meet this requirement may have their slots reassigned and their Qualified status revoked.

4. Confirmed teams will receive their registration codes as soon as the registration system becomes available. Registration is compulsory.

5. Qualification was granted to the eight (8) teams with the highest rank in each league, reserving four participation slots for the second Call for Participation. The EC reserves itself the right of increasing the number of qualified teams at any time in accordance with the RoboCup@Home best interests.